Why Donegal?


Donegal (Dun Na Ngall) fort of the foreigner , or (Tir Conall)
land of Conall is rich in beauty, culture and tradition.

Donegal has over 1100 kilometres of coastline, the largest in Ireland, hosting picturesque harbours, lofty hills and mountains, winding Trout and Salmon filled rivers, spectacular scenic walks, golden sandy beaches, and thriving wildlife including Golden Eagles bred here in Donegal at Glenveagh National Park.

Largely uncommercialised Donegal is the ideal location for a holiday that you will thoroughly enjoy.

There are many activities for both adults and children to keep you entertained on your break such as, Surfing, Salmon fishing, Sea angling, Deep Sea Diving, Golf, Hill walking, Traditional Irish music and dance, Nightclubs, Funfairs, Bowling, Theatre, Tennis, Go karting, Shopping and much much more.


Donegal has some of the highest mountains in Ireland, and the highest accessible Sea Cliffs in Europe.
since the launch of the Wild Atlantic Way initiative in 2014, Donegal is enjoying more visitors than ever, and with the opening of so many new restaurants and hotels, is fast becoming an all year round tourist destination.

Donegal is alive with tradition and many of our communities are native Irish speaking. The unmistakable sound of the fiddle can often be heard in many of our rural pubs, accompanied with the Badhran and the accordion, they play beautiful airs passed down through the generations. Tis not rare to hear a Sean Nos singer deliver a song that is a thousand years old, or a group of children perform dance steps that survived the test of time.

Donegal people are known for being warm hearted, generous, musical, superstitious, and inventive. We have been told our hospitality is second to none!

What better way to end a day, than walk along the beach under a gloriously captivating Donegal sunset, as the waves dance along the shore singing a therapeutic lullaby, food for the soul that will guide your return.



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